Publication Types

Click on each link below to see the variety of publication types available using Worship Times. Audio Bulletins Newsletters Sermons Video *Tip: For videos, you can also create a slider of videos, including thumbnails. (The Sliders are a feature separate from our Publications listings). … [Read more...]

Facebook Feed

Ever want to put a live Facebook feed within a page or post? Now you can! (Go to Add Media and click on Facebook). *Tip: If you want to show a Facebook feed that is different from your main Page's feed, you can override the Facebook feed that was originally set up on the Worship Times's Social Media Settings when you click on Add Media and Facebook by changing the Facebook Page URL. Also, if … [Read more...]

Twitter Feed

Hosting an event and want a live Twitter feed within a page or post? Need a Twitter feed on a page for some other reason? You can do it! *Tip: If you want to use a Twitter feed different from your main feed, go to your settings within Twitter to set up a new Twitter widget. FYI, though, if you have a Twitter widget on your home page already that features your main feed, and you change your … [Read more...]

Visual Editor

So what exactly are you capable of doing with your plain ol' black text on a white background? Here, let us show you! (All of the examples below go through your visual editor toolbar one icon at a time). Bold Italic Strikethrough (Don't use this very often, unless you're a heavy blog writer (or an English teacher) and do it to make a specific point). Bulleted list Item … [Read more...]

My Trip to Israel

Your pastor's blog would be a great area to record your latest theological considerations or significant moments. It also would be a great place to record your trip to the Holy Land or to reflect upon your latest experience serving within the community. Like any other page you could insert an upcoming calendar in this post as well as a contact form or donation button. By utilizing the pastor's … [Read more...]

Mark and Samantha Smith are Married

It is with great joy and celebration that Mark and Samantha Smith were married last evening by Pastor Dave. Mark and Samantha have been members of our congregation from birth until now. They are active in the congregation's youth ministry and are well known servants within our community. After their week long honeymoon, they will return to their new home just outside Bartletville where Mark will … [Read more...]

Church Choir Performance at St. Bens

This is a reminder that our church choir will be joining a number of other local choirs in a community performance on March 15th at 7:30pm. While admission is free, please consider bringing canned goods to donate to the local food shelter. … [Read more...]

Church Cancellation Policy Changes

Over the course of this year's winter season, we will be changing our cancellation policy. We intend to inform the congregation via phone tree and through our new website regarding weather closures at least 8 hours in advance of our worship service. … [Read more...]

Frank Smith Begins Bible Study After School

For the last three years, the Smith family have been members of our congregation, and their ministries throughout the church are invaluable. Frank, who is just 13, has begun a Bible study after school and has invited all his friends and classmates to join him in reading through the four gospels over the course of the school year. If you would like to contribute food or transportation for this new … [Read more...]

The Lightpost

The Pastor's blog makes it possible for you to communicate with your congregation without the need to print or ship a new newsletter. You can reflect upon any theological idea, church ministry, or other area of ministry that would be appropriate for your congregation. … [Read more...]