Mark and Samantha Smith are Married

It is with great joy and celebration that Mark and Samantha Smith were married last evening by Pastor Dave. Mark and Samantha have been members of our congregation from birth until now. They are active in the congregation's youth ministry and are well known servants within our community. After their week long honeymoon, they will return to their new home just outside Bartletville where Mark will … [Read more...]

Frank Smith Begins Bible Study After School

For the last three years, the Smith family have been members of our congregation, and their ministries throughout the church are invaluable. Frank, who is just 13, has begun a Bible study after school and has invited all his friends and classmates to join him in reading through the four gospels over the course of the school year. If you would like to contribute food or transportation for this new … [Read more...]

News & Announcements for Your Home Page

Your ministry is always moving and changing. Having a news feed on your website makes it easy for those whom you serve to stay up-to-date with the latest information. … [Read more...]